Vidiance, Marketing Agency Specializing in Compliant Videos for Financial Advisors, Launches Nationally


Vidiance LLC, an innovative marketing agency that helps financial services firms and their financial professionals overcome the challenges of creating professional videos that comply with the new SEC marketing rule, has opened its doors. The agency brings together the unique expertise of accomplished filmmaker and video strategist, David Vogel, and veteran compliance and supervision expert, Sander Ressler, to offer remote video production combined with comprehensive compliance oversight to the financial services industry.

Vidiance’s capabilities empower financial advisors and planners to create professional-quality videos, including client testimonials, advisor profiles, and compelling educational content to build trust and credibility. Using a 100% remote video production process, Vidiance can interview the subject, regardless of location, in as little as 30 minutes. The firm’s compliance oversight greatly reduces re-shoots and ensures videos are in keeping with current regulatory requirements prior to the review by a compliance department.

Vidiance President David Vogel said, “For years, financial advisors were prohibited by regulators from using reviews and testimonials to promote their businesses. When the new SEC marketing rule became effective for RIAs last year, we were determined to find a way to make it easy to capture video testimonials from clients no matter where they live. Our market research told us that the combination of remote video production and compliance oversight were the key. Our clients are thrilled with how simple we have made the process for them and see endless possibilities with our service for thought leadership, recruitment, and outbound marketing. We are just scratching the surface of what is now possible. We are excited to help firms and advisors create a competitive edge that can truly differentiate them in a crowded marketplace.”

Vidiance Vice President Sander Ressler added, “I’ve been in the compliance and supervision space for broker-dealers, insurance companies, RIAs and banks for over three decades. I have heard countless stories of financial advisors committing time, energy and resources to create client video testimonials on their own, only to have them rejected by compliance departments, resulting in a waste of effort. My experience as a Chief Compliance Officer gives Vidiance the unique ability to reduce or even eliminate the need for costly and time-consuming reshoots and edits. To date, Vidiance has had numerous financial institutions review our work, and have yet had a case where a video required editing to satisfy compliance.”

The Vidiance experience includes an end-to-end workflow that allows financial professionals to engage, educate and inspire prospects like never before using video. Our streamlined workflow enables us to deliver a compliant, professionally edited video to a client within just two weeks after completing a remote shoot.

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Services include:

  • Remote Video Capture – from anywhere without need for in-person video crew.
  • Expert Video Production – Vidiance’s virtual team of professional directors and interviewers ensure the best content, visuals and storytelling.
  • Compliance Oversight – compliance experts provide meticulous oversight throughout the process, ensuring seamless approval.
  • Editing – the team’s experienced video editors transform footage into stories that engage and resonate with prospective clients.
  • Marketing –Marketing strategies to help get videos seen by target/ideal clients online and offline.

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