Videocites AdTrack Revealing the True Reach of Promotional Videos and the Power of Their Organic Boosts on Social Media

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Videocites Organic Boosts refer to re-uploads of a video Ad that are published proactively by the audience and boost its exposure and distribution organically. Current video Ad analytics are limited only to available metrics within the brands’ official pages and Ad accounts, therefore providing advertisers and brands a very partial reach analysis.

One of the biggest challenges in measuring the actual reach of a video Ad is the ability to track all of its re-uploads together with their views and engagement. Using its AI-based video tracking technology, Videocites AdTrack is now offering advertisers and brands with the ability to measure the true Ad exposure across the social/video platforms, hence providing access to priceless data that was unreachable until now.

See examples of 2019 Super Bowl Ads that demonstrate the impact of organic boosts on the overall reach of these campaigns.

AdTrack provides comprehensive analytics for both official and organic boosts copies, including copies and viewership breakdown per platform through time, true effective media value, performance report of affiliates and potential new influencers/opinion leaders, audience interests and demographics, comments analysis and other engagement-relevant metadata that derives from all tracked copies.

Videocites is an AI-based video tracking and analytics company, using a proprietary video fingerprinting technology to provide robust Live and VOD content tracking services throughout the web and other video repositories regardless of metadata, language, audio or severe video manipulations.

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