Verticurl and Startup-O Announce Strategic Partnership

Verticurl and Startup-O Announce Strategic Partnership

Verticurl (A WPP Company) and Startup-O are pleased to announce they have entered into a strategic partnership combining Verticurl’s leading Marketing Technology Services capabilities with Startup-O’s global online platform for discovering, investing and scaling post-revenue startup technology ventures.

With B2B technology startups proliferating, early stage founders face a constant challenge to stand out from the crowd, grow their revenues and achieve the goals of their venture capital investors. In most cases, progress against these goals is self-driven or with the support of personal networks that are limited by the reach of the teams and individual investors.

The Verticurl and Startup-O partnership creates the opportunity for founders to access professional business development capabilities at scale, with experienced resources that are normally the preserve of large corporations, and with a commercial model that recognises the constraints of early-stage companies.

“Verticurl was founded specifically because we knew technology was going to disrupt the marketing industry and we wanted to be at the front of it. Similarly, through our ongoing engagement with leading Corporates around the world, we see first hand the impact that new technologies are having on all Industries.

As a marketing services innovator, it’s natural that we play a part in building the next generation of disruptors, but we needed an effective means to discover and engage with them, and that is what the partnership with Startup-O provides” said Ab Gaur, CEO of Verticurl.

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“Having seen the portfolio of companies that Startup-O has selected from its global platform of over 2000+ startups, and how it already engages with proven entrepreneurs and industry veterans, we are excited by the synergies this partnership will generate.”

“Whether you are an early stage founder, or an established local player looking to expand across borders, building momentum is hard. We initially created Startup-O Edge to give deserving founders the ‘edge’ in their business development through our network of 100+ experts that have access to decision makers at 250+ Corporates.

While access to these decision makers has delivered an immediate step change in business development capabilities for startups, our partnership with Verticurl creates a new set of capabilities that Startup-O Edge provides to founders” said Anuj Jain, CEO and Co-Founder of Startup-O.  “Startup-O was founded to provide founders with merit based access to the resources they need to succeed. Delivering access to a renowned marketing technology services agency, is another major milestone in delivering our vision.”

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