Vertical IQ, a Raleigh-based industry intelligence firm that helps thousands of professionals who advise small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), and RelPro, a New York-based relationship intelligence solution for business development professionals, have announced a collaborative partnership to deliver next-level insights and time-savings to their mutual customers within the banking, accounting, financial advisory, and professional services sectors.

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“This alliance provides our shared customers the ability to combine RelPro’s company- and contract-specific information with Vertical IQ’s industry intelligence to achieve sales success and deepen customer relationships,” explains Bobby Martin, co-founder, and CEO of Vertical IQ.

For joint Vertical IQ and RelPro customers, here’s how the integration works:

  • When users are in the RelPro platform and find a target company, they can get Vertical IQ industry content directly within the RelPro application. Specifically, they can surface content from Vertical IQ’s Industry Overview, Trends & Industry News, Competition and Call Preparation. They also can dive deeper, through a link to the comprehensive Industry Profile in Vertical IQ.
  • Similarly, if a user is using Vertical IQ, there will be a link within each Industry Profile’s “Dashboard” that takes the user directly into RelPro to identify and research the companies/contacts within that specific industry.

“This is a partnership both companies’ customers have been clamoring for,” says Martin Wise, CEO of RelPro, “so we listened to what the market was telling us and worked to bring the concept to fruition. It was a natural fit.”

The Vertical IQ-RelPro integration provides business development and relationship management (RM) professionals time-savings along with a huge competitive advantage during their pre-call research and planning.

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“There is a strong logic to this partnership,” says Michael Levy, principal at GZ Consulting, market research and competitive intelligence consultancy which focuses on the information services industry.

“RelPro and Vertical IQ allow Relationship Managers to rapidly context switch, perform client due diligence, ask intelligent questions, and conduct business development,” he says. “The combined services deliver customer and industry insights within the RM’s workflow, helping them better serve customers and their banking objectives.”