Verpex Launches First “Co-Cloud Hosting” Service, Optimizes Site Speed, Reliability and Email Deliverability

Verpex, "Co-Cloud Hosting" , Email Deliverability, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud
Verpex Launches First Co-Cloud Hosting Service_ Optimizes Site Speed_ Reliability and Email Deliverability

Verpex, a high-performance web hosting solution, announced the launch of the industry’s first “co-cloud” hosting services. Clients on their hosting plans may see benefits to uptime, the site delivers speed, and even search engine rankings. Verpex uses several different cloud datacenter providers including Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, and Digital Ocean which increases the number of global server locations, allowing end-users to choose the optimal location of their server. Verpex also amplifies customer performance through the use of outbound mail filtering which ensures a clean email reputation with better email deliverability, reducing the number of emails being sent to spam.

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Since the distance of the data center can play a factor in the overall performance of a site, choosing a server located closer to the site’s visitors reduces the potential for lost data and other issues that can slow down site load speed. The geographic IP address of a website also has an impact on a website’s SEO rankings. Companies will see increased visibility and traffic to their site when using a server located near their visitors.

“The entire world is moving away from the model of physical datacenters towards cloud computing, and now web hosting has joined in,” says Kris Erdelsk, a Senior Systems Engineer at Verpex Hosting. “Through our new co-cloud hosting plans in conjunction with several of the best in class cloud providers, we can ensure that our customers and their visitors have the best overall web experience.”

Verpex was founded in 2018 and has employees based in three continents who are available 24/7 for live chat and phone support. Verpex considers their clients like family and provides ample onboarding assistance, helping them get their email up and running, answering any questions regarding WordPress and other software, and will fully migrate any websites from their previous hosting provider.

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Verpex is powered by cPanel, the industry’s best web hosting control panel. Using Softaculous, WordPress can be installed with one-click, giving clients full access to upload themes, plugins, and more. Verpex servers are configured so that the end-user doesn’t encounter bugs or timeouts, and with free SSL certificates and malware-scanning, websites will stay secure and safe. Hundreds of other software applications can be installed with one-click through the cPanel including Magento, Joomla!, Drupal, PrestaShop, OpenCart, and more.

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