Veeva launches Veeva Vault CRM for Medtech


Veeva Systems (NYSE: VEEV ) today announced the launch of Veeva Vault CRM for Medtech, a unified customer relationship management (CRM) and content management application designed for sales teams, key account managers, and medical affairs professionals in the medical technology industry. Currently available for early adopters, Vault CRM provides medical technology companies with industry-specific functionality that meets their diverse and ever-changing needs, without the need for costly customizations or time-consuming integrations. With a single CRM application that includes the content management capabilities of Veeva’s Vault platform, medical technology companies can

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Designed for specific industry needs, Vault CRM provides:

  • Managing stock inventory as it moves between field teams, customers and patients
  • Surgical case management to track the use of specific products by healthcare professionals
  • Stakeholder navigation among healthcare professionals, hospitals, laboratories, health systems, integrated distribution networks and group purchasing organizations
  • Content traceability through checks, approvals and distribution, including agreements
  • A connection with Veeva Vault PromoMats to streamline the digital content lifecycle

“Medical technology business processes encompass a wide variety of data, content and stakeholder communications across in-person and digital channels,” explained Frank Defesche , senior vice president and general manager of Vault CRM. “Companies will no longer need to gather this information across numerous systems, files and emails because they will now have a single application with Veeva Vault CRM for Medtech. Veeva Vault’s unique ability to manage content and data can streamline end-to-end business processes to eliminate silos, increase collaboration, and strengthen customer relationships. »

Built on the Veeva Vault platform, Vault CRM enables medical technology companies to bring together business functions across sales, medical, and marketing with product development, including clinical, regulatory, and quality. With a connected ecosystem from development to commercialization, companies can share information seamlessly across teams while maintaining control and compliance.

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