Valuence Group Introduces Improved Market Price Table Subscription Service

Valuence Group Introduces Improved Market Price Table Subscription Service

Valuence Japan Inc. (Tokyo; Susumu Muguruma, CEO and president), a member of Valuence Group (TOKYO: 9270) announced on July 1, the launch of the official version of his market price table of winning auctions, available by subscription.

The official version of the service has been upgraded and comes with some useful new features. Star Buyers Auction is a luxury branded product auction service operated by Valuence Japan.

New features and upgrades reflect partner contribution

Star Buyers Auction, operated by Valuence Japan, is a B2B auction service for used luxury branded goods and the primary sales channel of the Valuence Group. Since the launch of Star Buyers Auction, the service has grown steadily, adding new categories and offering new services, including global online auctions.

In February 2021, Valuence Japan launched a beta version of a market price chart subscription service for use by its partners around the world. This service displays world market prices (actual winning bids) for a variety of products. The company has received many and valuable feedback from its partners regarding auctions and consignment sales, at the same time attracting a growing number of new subscribers.

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Valuence Japan has added new features to its Star Buyers Auction market price chart subscription service, incorporating feedback from its partners. The company launched the official updated version of the service on July 1. At the same time, the company will continue to improve the service based on the feedback gathered, and create a global reuse platform that will be an indispensable part of the buying and selling markets.

Official version and updates

The official version of the Marketplace Pricing Table service now allows users to enter multiple search terms, including brand and model names. This powerful upgrade reduces the time spent searching for specific products. Users can also search by transaction date range, providing a more accurate view of the large amount of transaction data available.

The search results screen now displays, in ascending or descending order, accessories, prices and transaction dates. Users will be able to sort information, including accessories, price ranges and other data, for multiple products. The search results are based on the more than 25,000 items sold at each auction,

Valuence Japan is confident that the enhanced version of this service will provide the kind of market price information that B2B auction partners need.

Star Buyers Auction overview

A luxury branded goods auction service for second-hand merchants, launched in April 2013. In April 2020, auctions were migrated to a fully online format, offering a flow of luxury items consistently stable, both in terms of quantity and quality.

The products offered are mainly branded watches, bags and jewelry purchased by the Valuence Group. Auctions take place twice a month. The Market Price Table subscription service is also available for JPY 11,000 per month.

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