The next generation CX Analytics Platform from UserReplay provides Active CX.  Active CX not only makes getting to the high-value digital frustrations quicker but also helps teams to dynamically improve user experience through Machine Learning triggered automations.

The Active CX journey starts with the recording and analysis of every digital customer interaction.  These sessions are intelligently grouped into smart segments through machine learning and then alerts trigger automated actions in support of conversation or customer experience.

Reliving Customer Experiences to Enhance Marketing

“UserReplay is known for delivering the best CX data set in the business. We now want to supercharge that dataset and democratize access to ML-driven intelligence by providing out-the-box, high value, ML segments to the widest audience possible.” Ruth Peters, CEO, UserReplay

Some of our Machine Learning Smart Segments are:

  • Propensity to Convert – Intelligently analyze each session’s likelihood to result in a purchase. 
  • High Value Churn – Groups together high monetary value sessions with a high likelihood to leave the site without a purchase.
  • Lookalike Sessions – Groups together sessions with similar characteristics.  It helps to quantify the impact of any given user struggle.
  • Struggle –  Customers who struggled to complete their online transactions.
  • Repeated Steps –  Customers who got stuck and ended up repeating steps over and over.
  • High Value – High-value customers who didn’t convert.

Artificial Intelligence Influencing and Transforming the Marketing Function

At the heart of the new UserReplay is the ability for digital and product teams to search and visualize all customer experience data instantly.  From flexible dashboards and visualizations to advanced alerting for specific CX issues.