Unlimint and Discover Sign Acquisition Agreement

Unlimint and Discover Sign Acquisition Agreement-01

Unlimint and Discover have signed a strategic agreement that increases the global acceptance of Discover Global Network and also fulfills Unlimint’s goal of helping companies around the world be “ready for the tomorrow”. The announcement was made in London.

This alliance reinforces Unlimint’s strategy to expand the number of payment methods available to its customers around the world, in addition to offering consumers more choices about how they want to make their payments. The agreement will benefit Unlimint’s customers by increasing the available payment options, as well as enabling them to accept payment from Discover Global Network cardholders around the world. Discover cardholders, on the other hand, will have the opportunity to shop online at a wide range of international stores on three continents – Europe, Asia and Africa.

With several reports highlighting the fact that   shopping behavior d the consumers focused on digital platforms will continue beyond 2021 to be among the preferred means of buying and be able to offer customers a preferred payment option is crucial for companies that are trying to survive in the new reality. E-commerce retail sales soared to 27.6% worldwide in 2020  and are expected to grow 14.3% this year as buyers and sellers now prefer digital options over in-person both for security, speed and ease.  

“As the fastest growing global payments network  (1) , Discover is one of the top  players  in the payments world. With  60% of shoppers anxious to return to stores due to new spikes on Covid-19, allow our customers to deliver Discover Global Network cards as a payment option is a must if we are to support them on their journey to global expansion and growth,” said Kirill Evstratov , CEO of Unlimint. “This is an especially important step for our customers in Asia and South America as these  are the top regions with the highest share of customers who shop online  by 2020. We pride ourselves on taking our mission of providing global availability very seriously and are always looking to expand our payment method portfolio so that merchants can offer local payment solutions to sell to their customers.”

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“By working with Discover, we have enriched our cooperation with international payment plans and are better positioned to serve our customers – offering a more comprehensive payment solution under the same scope of international payments and enabling them to serve a broader range of customers” added Robert Ang , General Manager of Unlimint for APAC (Asia-Pacific ). “Our strong digital-focused customer base will also allow Discover to expand its product offering globally.”

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“The partnership between Unlimint and Discover will expand our digital acceptance in the Asia-Pacific region and globally, opening new avenues for us to collaborate and honor consumer choice. It will also bring greater benefits to merchants by offering Discover cardholders throughout the world. world more choices of how and where to pay online and in apps,” said Jonat Gouldhon , Regional Director, Global Acceptance, Asia Pacific, Discover. “As more merchants embrace e-commerce in their growth strategy and move digital amid the global pandemic, we are committed to working with our acquiring partners to expand our acceptance of payments, both in person and online.”

Discover Global Network is accepted at more than 50 million establishments and two million ATMs in more than 200 countries. Discover Global Network includes  Discover  Network, Diners Club International, PULSE and more than 20 alliance partner networks worldwide.

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