Qualtrics, the leader in customer experience and creator of the experience management category, today announced that Univision, the leading Hispanic media company in the U.S, has selected Qualtrics BrandXM.

“We’ve never relied more on digital communication than we do today. Media companies play a key role in informing, entertaining, and empowering their audiences, and it’s crucial for them to understand how their content and programs are impacting consumer behavior and the company’s overall brand,” said Jesse Purewal, Chief Industry Advisor for Technology, Media, and Telecommunications, Qualtrics. “Qualtrics helps organizations identify critical areas of investments like network quality, get a holistic picture of how their brand influences key business metrics, and how to use those insights that will positively impact consumer behavior and brand awareness.”

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Qualtrics BrandXM is one of the four pillars of experience management, integrating with customer, employee, and product experiences to enable a comprehensive view of insights and actions that shape the core experiences of any organization. BrandXM transforms the way organizations understand how their brand is connecting with consumers, monitor real-time changes to the competitive landscape, create meaningful experiences that resonate with targeted audiences, and predict which investments will have the greatest impact on delivering their brand promise