UniformMarket Forays into Asset Management; Launches an Exclusive Platform for Law Enforcement Departments


Illinois-based leading eCommerce company, UniformMarket, which specializes in providing advanced eCommerce solutions for uniform providers have announced their advent into asset management with a dedicated Asset Manager for public safety departments.

As law enforcement agencies are required to manage a wide range of assets across a large fleet of employees, keeping a track of each item often proves to be cumbersome for the authorities.

UniformMarket’s new Asset Manager aims to solve this problem by storing complete asset and employee information in a secured cloud-based application that enables quartermasters to keep a tab on every departmental asset (vests, uniforms, gears, weapons, etc.), including who are they assigned to, when are they due for inspection/repair & more through a simple intuitive portal. It also facilitates vest management through easy sizing, ordering, and assigning of vests to designated officers. The solution is currently being used by leading public safety manufacturers in the United States.

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Talking to us about the company’s newest offering, CEO Ashok Reddy, said: “Asset management has always been a serious impediment for law enforcement agencies. As an eCommerce technology service provider, we are delighted to launch Asset Manager that gives quartermasters end-to-end visibility of departmental assets through a highly secured portal.”

The Asset Manager offers a two-fold benefit. It provides public safety uniforms & gear providers a central platform to track and fulfill all asset orders with respective public safety departments, while quartermasters get a comprehensive portal to distribute, inspect and decommission outdated assets as may be required from time to time.

Top Features of Asset Manager:

– Automated requests & workflow approval for gear and supply transfers
– Monitor on-field equipment with RFID tags
– Collect signatures for approval and asset receipt through email or digital signature
– Access a standard library of reports

The platform will also improve operational efficiency by reducing the time it takes to audit existing assets and collect relevant data. With easy access to comprehensive reports, public safety departments will now find it easier to track assets that need repair, are wrongly assigned, missing, or are not being utilized.

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