Unific Releases Quotific CPQ With HubSpot Sales Hub For Shopify Merchants

Unific Releases Quotific CPQ with HubSpot Sales Hub for Shopify Merchants

Unific, a leading HubSpot Ecommerce App partner and a HubSpot Diamond Agency Partner, is thrilled to introduce Quotific CPQ, a groundbreaking CPQ tool designed to empower Shopify B2B merchants. Quotific CPQ seamlessly combines Shopify’s Draft Order capabilities with HubSpot’s robust sales tools to maximize draft order close rates, increasing sales reps’ efficiency, and enhancing the overall B2B buying experience.

Streamline Sales Processes and Boost ROI

Quotific CPQ offers an innovative solution for businesses seeking to streamline their sales processes and drive higher ROI. Shopify merchants can effortlessly create and manage draft orders within the HubSpot environment, ensuring a cohesive and efficient sales workflow.

Key features of Quotific CPQ include:

  • Effortless Draft Order Management: Quotific CPQ enables businesses to create and manage Shopify Draft Orders directly from HubSpot. This eliminates the need for toggling between platforms, allowing sales reps to live in HubSpot and focus on what they do best – build relationships with clients and close deals.
  • Draft Order CPQ inside of HubSpot: When building a draft order, sales reps can choose Shopify products and variants accurately just as they appear in Shopify instead of searching through a long list of HubSpot products which are difficult to search and don’t include variants. Salespeople can apply discounts or add draft order notes just as they can with Shopify.
  • Sales Process Optimization: Quotific CPQ combined with HubSpot’s powerful sales reporting provides invaluable insights into draft order close rates and customer experience gaps, enabling sales teams to refine strategies and boost performance.

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Unific’s CEO Parag Jagdale shared his excitement about the launch, stating, “Quotific CPQ represents a significant step forward in empowering B2B Shopify merchants with the tools they need to succeed with HubSpot. This new add-on to HubSpot further strengthens our commitment to providing seamless and efficient solutions for Ecommerce businesses using HubSpot to achieve their sales goals.”

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