UiPath Unveils Go-to-Market Managed Services Collaboration with Accelirate for Turnkey Enterprise Automation

UiPath-Unveils-Go-to-Market-Managed-Services-Collaboration-with-Accelirate-for-Turnkey-Enterprise-Automation (1)
UiPath-Unveils-Go-to-Market-Managed-Services-Collaboration-with-Accelirate-for-Turnkey-Enterprise-Automation (1)

UiPath, a leading enterprise automation software company, today announced an enhanced partnership with Accelirate that introduces Accelirate’s go-to-market UiPath managed services practice, offering customers advantages such as lower total cost of ownership and turnkey automation that simplifies an organization’s implementation strategy.

The RPA365 managed services practice from Accelirate, a Diamond-level UiPath partner and UiPath Services Network (USN) member, marks an expansion of its investment in UiPath as the use of automation grows globally and within industries such as banking and finance, healthcare, and manufacturing and retail. A Forrester Consulting study commissioned by UiPath found that automation accelerates projects by 50% or more, and that organizations that invest in automation receive a return on investment of 97%.

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Accelirate and UiPath have been jointly serving customers across industries, helping support automation journeys as enterprises strategize to become more agile in the face of macro market pressures and rapidly advancing digital transformation initiatives. With more enterprises across the world leveraging the power of automation and AI and augmenting employee productivity by deploying digital workers, Accelirate’s RPA365 managed services of UiPath’s market-leading automation platform allows businesses to flexibly deploy automation.

“Automation is transforming how businesses innovate and service their customers, and they’re seeking solutions to implement automation technology more seamlessly,” said Accelirate CEO Ahmed Zaidi. “In using a managed services model, businesses can take advantage of greater purchasing power from Accelirate along with our unique expertise in UiPath technologies to achieve the full benefits of automation while relying on Accelirate for license management, implementation, and support.”

Armando Lambert, Vice President of Enterprise Optimization at one of Accelirate’s financial services clients said, “RPA as a Service is the next evolution of RPA and is going to have a significant impact on the market by allowing enterprise customers to have turnkey solutions and recognize their value in an OpEx model.”

“The automation layer in the enterprise technology stack is essential for growth across the business. Our partnership with Accelirate has already generated proven success for customers at various stages of their automation journeys, and Accelirate’s managed services offering marks a new phase of enabling those journeys,” said Chris Weber, Chief Business Officer at UiPath. “The value that customers can derive from UiPath and Accelirate is nearly limitless. Organizations can boost productivity, lower costs, and create new efficiencies in their operations.”

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