Twenty Over Ten, an industry-leading SaaS company, announced a partnership with Redtail Technology, the leader in web-based client relationship management (CRM) solutions for financial service firms. Through this new integration, Twenty Over Ten’s Lead Pilot customers will be able to seamlessly connect with their Redtail account to easily sync and access their contacts.

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Unveiled at the T3 Advisor Conference in February, Lead Pilot is the first inbound marketing solution for financial advisors designed to drive qualified prospects through hyper-personalized content marketing. With Lead Pilot, advisors are able to launch robust, multi-touchpoint content campaigns from a streamlined, easy-to-use dashboard. Redtail is a leading provider of client relationship management (CRM) solutions for financial services firms.

“Today’s fast-paced environment demands seamless collaboration and best-of-breed integrations so that businesses can get their most critical work done efficiently,” said Ryan Russell, co-founder of Twenty Over. “Now our users can ensure no contact slips through the cracks and reduce the time and effort traditionally spent marketing to their current clients and prospects.”

With this new integration, thousands of organizations in the regulated industries will be able to simplify the process of client communications in a single location. With this simple one-click integration, advisors can manage their contacts and disseminate emails, schedule social media posts, design landing pages and create engaging content.

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“Redtail is committed to using technology to continuously improve financial advisors’ relationships with clients,” said Brian McLaughlin, CEO at Redtail Technology. “Our integration with Lead Pilot demonstrates the powerful impact of technology for today’s financial professionals. With direct access to Redtail through their Lead Pilot platform, advisors can reach their clients easier and faster.”