U.S. businesses are projected to spend over $105 billion on mobile advertising in 2020, an $18 billion increase from 2019. UpCell Now, a Mississippi start-up, is making it easier for entrepreneurs to capitalize on this explosive growth by launching their own mobile marketing companies without any tech skills or expensive equipment needed.

UpCell Now has released a fully automated system to help local brick-and-mortar businesses increase sales by collecting mobile phone numbers from customers and sending them special deals and offers via text and social media messages.

Entrepreneurs can learn how to market and sell this service to their own clients by attending a free online training class.

“We developed a complete turnkey solution that allows anyone to start a profitable mobile marketing company with no previous experience required,” explains UpCell Now founder, Dorsey West.

According to West, creating opportunities for entrepreneurs to profit from the increasing demand for mobile advertising services, especially among small businesses, is part of a broader mission to improve local economies throughout the country.