Turning Customer Presence into Customer Loyalty

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Turning Customer Presence into Customer Loyalty

Savvy retailers know that customers appreciate personalized engagement. But knowing exactly when and how to engage is always a challenge.

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Datavalet Technologies has just made this task easier for large and multi-location retailers and restaurants with Presence Engage, a powerful new digital platform that turns presence detection and behavioral insights into engaging in-store experiences that keep customers coming back.

Presence Engage uses the retailer’s guest Wi-Fi network to automatically detect the customer’s presence upon entering the store. It then tracks the visit, enabling brands to map the customer journey whenever that customer enters any of their locations over time. Brands can use this information to engage the customer in more meaningful ways during their store visit.

“Customers who engage more with the brand typically spend more time in stores and spend more money,” said Eric Gervais, VP Product Management at Datavalet. “Presence Engage allows for the type of personalized in-store experience customers love.”

Presence Engage works by collecting personal user information when customers sign onto the retailer’s guest Wi-Fi network for the very first time. After this initial sign in, the solution will automatically detect the customer’s presence during all subsequent visits across all locations. Brands can link this data to their own POS and transaction data to obtain a more complete customer behavioral profile.

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But it’s the third component of Presence Engage that makes personalized engagement profitable. Retailers can create a variety of marketing campaigns directly within the solution, defining rules so that specific campaigns are triggered whenever a certain customer behavior or presence is detected. Retailers also have the option to integrate existing marketing campaign tools via the solution’s APIs – and also their mobile app to engage with customers via push notifications rather than emails.

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