TTEC Enters Into Strategic Partnership with Pega to Accelerate Digital Transformation Across the Contact Center

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TTEC Enters Into Strategic Partnership with Pega to Accelerate Digital Transformation Across the Contact Center

TTEC Holdings, Inc., a leading digital customer experience technology and services company focused on the design, implementation, and delivery of transformative solutions for many of the world’s most iconic and disruptive brands announced a strategic partnership with Pegasystems, Inc., the software company empowering digital transformation at the world’s leading enterprises. This partnership will empower clients with industry-leading digital transformation solutions to optimize customer experiences within their contact centers.

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With the partnership, Pega’s world-class intelligent automation and customer engagement suite, combined with TTEC’s Customer Experience as a Service platform, will provide the backbone of optimized, digitally-driven employee and customer experiences managed by TTEC Digital. The two market leaders will leverage their decades of experience to deliver best-of-breed human and AI-powered intelligence across the customer lifecycle.

Together, TTEC and Pega are uniquely positioned to remove the technical and operational obstacles that stand in the way of great experiences for a brand’s customers and employees. TTEC will build on Pega’s digital transformation solutions to deliver superior services and strategic outcomes for the world’s largest enterprises.

The global partnership will immediately benefit from TTEC’s recent acquisition of Serendebyte, which provides additional scale and expertise serving the Pega ecosystem. A Pega Premier Gold Partner, Serendebyte delivers a community of engineers and deep experience in automation solution development to optimize and improve front- and back-office interactions.

Clients have already benefited from the TTEC-Pega partnership, seeing substantial time and cost savings in customer-related processes via intelligent automation. As part of the strategic partnership, TTEC and Pega will go to market together, accelerating autonomous and augmented CX across the front, mid and back office to enable a one-office contact center solution for customers.

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“We were deliberate in choosing Pega as a best-of-breed software partner to significantly strengthen the power of TTEC’s CX as a Service platform for clients,” said Jonathan Lerner, President of TTEC Digital. “We are excited to go to market together with unparalleled solutions that empower human-centric digital transformation at the world’s leading organizations.”