Troparé Inc., a leading provider of self-service B2B marketing and sales acceleration solutions, announces the launch of newly developed geo-analytics to its ever-expanding offering of self-service marketing solutions.

Troparé’s geo-analytics facilitate interactive mapping of geospatial data to visually reveal insights, patterns, and trends otherwise not easily interpretable through standard pivot tables, graphs, or charts. It is said that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” Troparé applies this same philosophy by enabling marketing and sales to combine and visualize their disparate data assets and overlay this information on a cartographic canvas which includes different mapping, filtering, and geospatial highlighting & colorings for optimal and swift interpretation of geo-related insights.

“The ability to produce geospatial visualizations through heat maps and bubble maps is one thing, but the ability to overlay, visualize, and operate different datasets on a single map and display it as a whole is what truly facilitates better location-related decision making,” says Troparé CEO and founder, Greg Carpenter.

With a broad range of location-related use cases for geo-analytics, Troparé’s own mobile prospecting solution mProspector™ forms a great example. The solution’s highly location-based powered workflow enables field sales reps to easily locate, qualify, prepare, and contact the most promising sales leads in their nearby geo-region/territory – all from the palm of their hand. With Troparé’s new geo-analytics this data and accompanying sales results can be beautifully mapped, analyzed and interpreted to help fine-tune a successful sales strategy. “Whenever you are dealing with location-based data, anything from mapping out your leads or competitors, visualizing market penetration, determining new growth regions and so forth, there is an opportunity to enhance that experience and increase knowledge gain through geo-analytics,” says Carpenter.