Triller Hits 50M Monthly Active Users Surpassing TikTok’s Reach At ByteDance Sale For 1 Billion

Triller Hits 50M Monthly Active Users Surpassing TikTok's Reach At ByteDance Sale For 1 Billion

Triller, the AI-powered social video platform favorited by artists ranging from world-renowned to aspiring, has seen a significant overnight spike in usage and downloads both globally and within the Indian market following the country’s recent ban on TikTok which caused a mass exodus of popular influencers fleeing for Triller.

As of this morning, it is now the #3 Indian app in the photo and video category and has become India’s go-to social platform after 120 million TikTok users scrambled to find a new home for creative expression. Artist Armann Malik was among these top influencers who joined Triller and launched a challenge based on his new hit song “Next To Me,” which now has over 10 million views.

At 50M monthly active users, Triller is now larger than (later TikTok) when it sold to ByteDance for one billion US dollars several years ago. The platform has grown over 600 percent year over year, making it one of the fastest growing social media apps.

“Triller represents the world’s music voice, as not only a global app but a platform which unites cultures through a common voice. Founded and owned by U.S. entrepreneurs, Triller has seen significant growth in global markets, most recently in India, a country at the core of social media and music with its own unique and rich culture,” says Bobby Sarnevesht, Executive Chairman of Triller. “We are proud to provide a secure place for the people of India to express their voice, share their content, and reach the world.”

Triller has entered active discussions with numerous music and technology companies to expand joint ventures and partnerships within India, aiming to be a voice and platform for India and its citizens. Major announcements with influential music, tech, media and talent businesses are expected in the near future.

Triller offers by far the most comprehensive, sophisticated and easily accessible AI driven technology for its users to create premium music and social videos.