Announces New GlobalLink Connect Integration for Shopify

Translationscom Announces New GlobalLink Connect Integration for Shopify

GlobalLink Connect Accessible through Shopify UI for Multilingual Content Management, the technology division of TransPerfect, the world’s largest provider of language and technology solutions for global business, today announced that it has built and launched a new GlobalLink Connect integration with Shopify. The integrated solution allows users to create translation requests within Shopify’s admin panel and take advantage of GlobalLink Connect’s translation workflow management without leaving the familiar interface of the Shopify platform.

GlobalLink Connect provides an all-in-one solution to initiate, automate, control, track, and complete all facets of the translation process. By combining the Shopify platform with the extended localization workflow capabilities of GlobalLink, organizations gain enterprise-level multilingual content management and deployment capabilities with minimal project management and virtually no IT burden.

Furthermore, when the integrated GlobalLink Connect and Shopify solution is combined with GlobalLink AI, Shopify users can cut costs and time-to-market even further while still maintaining quality standards.

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Benefits of GlobalLink Connect include:

–  Reduced or eliminated client-side IT burdens
–  Faster deployment timelines for global content
–  Lower project management costs
–  Minimal training or onboarding requirements
–  Improved consistency in translated content
–  Lower overall translation costs

Additionally, GlobalLink Connect supports the following content types within the Shopify ecosystem:

–  Online Store theme, store article, store blog, and store page
–  Product and product variant
–  Shop and shop policy
–  Delivery method definition
–  Payment gateway
–  Email and SMS template
–  Product option
–  Collection, Metafield, and link

Phil Shawe, President and CEO of TransPerfect, stated, “TransPerfect continues to invest heavily in creating, supporting, and optimizing integrations between GlobalLink Connect and the technologies our customers are using. Our new GlobalLink Connect integration for Shopify will enable the management of multilingual content through a single user interface, simplifying the process of publishing global content.”

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