Transcend Engagement LLC launched a new gamification module for its ground-breaking engagement software platform. The new module allows users of Transcend’s platform to earn points and badges as they accomplish tasks, post comments, and engage with company materials. Organizations can now measure and encourage employee and/or customer engagement in the digital environment.

“Our customers are looking for the most modern and fun ways to engage their stakeholders. Gamifying the experience has proven to be a great way to improve the user experience,” said Dr. Bob Randall, CEO of Transcend Engagement. “Having this new module in place now allows organizations to measure engagement at the individual, group, and enterprise level.”

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“When employees and customers are engaged, everyone wins,” said Aaron Meyers, General Manager. “Making the process of communication, recognition, and learning entertaining will get more people involved and create a fun and engaging culture our clients are looking for.”

Transcend’s engagement software consists of four modules, including the Breakroom™ Communication Portal, Coaching Corner™ Performance Management Module, Award Fulfillment™ recognition platform, and Survey Tool. The new Gamification module now allows users to earn points and badges for connecting to their fellow employees and customers with online likes and comments. Users can comment on and like company news stories, employee milestones (i.e. birthdays and service anniversaries), and company-sponsored chat boxes.

“Gamification has been growing in the technology space because it is proven to increase engagement”, said Tony Ferraro, Chief Information Officer. “It makes sense that companies should be using gamification to increase engagement of their employees and customers using this approach as well.”