TitanHouse Announces Launch of Innovative Job Platform for Sales Professionals


TitanHouse today announced the launch of its cutting-edge platform for matching:

  • Tech-focused employers with the right sales candidates
  • Tech-focused sales professionals with their most compatible career opportunities

The site uses rich, sales-centric data and proprietary technology to make the best possible career matches. Their process drives tremendous transparency and efficiency to the sales recruiting process.

Sales professionals who have registered in TitanHouse will have access to elite opportunities with technology companies looking for the best possible candidates. The platform includes opportunities for client-facing roles such as Field Sales, Account Executives, Inside Sales, Channel Sales, Account Management, Business Development and Sales Development Representatives.

For employers, TitanHouse provides more comprehensive sales-focused data and candidate resumes than any other online job site. Because TitanHouse has been built exclusively for the technology sales industry, candidates have the opportunity to list detailed, sales-specific accomplishments, like ramp time, average contract value and sales tool proficiency. They can also list preferences like inside sales or field sales, preferred sales cycle and target industry.

Companies can quickly identify the most qualified candidates and contact them directly through the platform – eliminating the need for expensive recruiters, ineffective online job boards or time-consuming searches.

For sales professionals, the platform is free. Sales reps can set their professional interests and immediately connect with employers who match.  Additionally, they are notified when a job matching their interests becomes available. TitanHouse sales professionals are also able to refine their job searches based on location, type of opportunity and keywords.

“One of the biggest problems in sales recruiting today is that when companies are looking to hire top talent, they don’t have enough information to make the right decision. They end up weeding through thousands of unqualified applicants,” said Mike Levy, co-founder and CEO of TitanHouse. “Companies need a digital platform where they can target only the sales candidates who already possess the appropriate backgrounds, experiences and qualifications. TitanHouse does all the work of finding the ‘A’ players first.”

“This is the future of sales recruitment,” said Bill Kapner, founder and Chairman of TitanHouse. “It’s a much more efficient and cost-effective way to target a company’s ideal sales candidates. Not only does it cut out the middleman, but it gives companies access to a far greater number of top candidates, and vice versa.”

The platform is built-to scale; companies are able to post multiple positions at once and include multiple people on the hiring team. Hiring managers can immediately view candidates’ resume and qualifications and communicate directly with applicants on the platform. They can also be alerted when a new sales professional who matches their needs comes into the system.