Titan.ium Platform, LLC Unveils 5G SA Evolution of NetCore to Extend Its Private Networks Solutions


Titan.ium Platform, LLC®, a spin-out from the acquisition of NetNumber, is proud to announce the rollout of its latest NetCore product evolution. 5G Stand-Alone (SA) is debuting this month, complementing the company’s 5G Non-Stand Alone (NSA) version made available in late 2021. Titan.ium Platform continues to deliver innovative products and solutions that have been its mainstay for more than 21 years as NetNumber. As a new entity built on the same quality products and teams,  the goals of Titan.ium Platform remain unchanged:  To provide the industry with the most comprehensive, innovative and powerful telecommunications platforms and services.

Titan.ium Platform, LLC is an industry leader in solving complex problems for customers seeking solutions with telecommunications, core networks, enterprise, and secure private communications while still retaining the simplicity of use. NetCore, the product line focused on the Private Networks markets, has been deployed for a variety of customers, which include the sectors of defense, public safety, mining, and the oil/gas industries. With the latest inclusion of 5G SA, the company’s complete suite of 2G-5G solutions provide mission-critical services during the most extreme circumstances.

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NetCore 5G SA and 5G NSA customers will have the advantage of:

  • Secure encrypted communications
  • Vendor Interoperability that enables best of class solutions
  • A compact resource footprint
  • An impressively efficient web-based UI

“We are extremely pleased to announce our NetCore 5G SA product is now available to our private networks customers,” says Matt Rosenberg, President of Titan.ium Platform, LLC.

“We developed our NetCore solution to address challenges within this industry around mobility, authentication, and multiple form factors,” Rosenberg continues. “With the addition of 5G SA, we are excited to work with our partners in the Military, Government, First Responders, and Enterprise markets to help provide mission critical services and to evolve additional features to help meet future customer requirements. NetCore continues to deliver on the promise of a multi-generational solution that spans 3G, 4G and now fully functional 5G SA and 5G NSA.”

For more information on Titan.ium Platform’s Private Network solutions, visit www.TitaniumPlatform.com and visit the company at upcoming events such as MWC Las Vegas 2022 in September.

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