TimeTrade Sync Solves the Data Synchronization Problem Across Platforms

TimeTrade Sync , Data Synchronization
TimeTrade Sync Solves the Data Synchronization Problem Across Platforms

TimeTrade, the leader in Intelligent Appointment Scheduling is simplifying the way sales organizations and other customer-facing teams manage customer data. TimeTrade Sync eliminates sales and support team admin work, increases data accuracy, and reduces IT costs through ultra-reliable synchronization across platforms. Now, it’s possible to sync data trapped in emails, attachments, contacts, and events across commonly used CRM, email, and calendaring systems to ensure a single, highly dependable record of customer activity across the enterprise.

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TimeTrade Sync gives sales teams confidence that their customer information is always accurate and up-to-date, while also improving visibility for sales leaders who must create credible forecasts. With automatic syncing, customer-facing teams can continue to use their preferred systems and workflows while avoiding duplicate data entry or incomplete information about customer interactions.

“Revenue-focused teams face a huge data gap in keeping one single version of the truth across platforms, all of which creates costly administrative delays and even support problems,” said Steven Connolly, Head of Product Management at TimeTrade. “We developed TimeTrade Sync to connect all of these critical business tools, that for the first time, work in concert to improve data integrity and eliminate manual data entry. Now customer-facing teams can devote more time to their most critical tasks: providing exceptional customer experience and driving revenue.”

TimeTrade Sync, which is immediately available for Salesforce users and will soon be available for users of other CRM systems, including SAP and Oracle:

  • Eliminates duplicate data entry efforts, empowering sales and support personnel to deliver outstanding service as efficiently as possible while continuously keeping CRM records up to date.
  • Improves CRM data quality, ensuring that sales forecasts and other business-critical reports are as accurate as possible without burdening sales teams with additional manual data gathering.
  • Reduces CRM and IT admin and complexity, enabling quick implementation with cloud-based technology, while allowing for customization to meet the unique needs of every organization.
  • Optimize online appointment scheduling, building on the accuracy and integration between the CRM and scheduling application, TimeTrade successfully matches and fulfills requested meetings to maximize engagement with prospects and customers.

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“Customers have told us that sync products offered by the CRM vendors have very few customization capabilities and controls, requiring them to disable certain key features or find workarounds,” said Connolly. “TimeTrade Sync offers the most extensive set of control and customization capabilities, allowing the organizations’ email and CRM systems to work in the way that best aligns with their business needs and avoids the need to force users to change how they work.”