timetoreply launches first email-analytics tool to help Microsoft o365-based businesses dramatically improve response times

email analytics tool

timetoreply, a SaaS business email analytics company, today announces the launch of the first-ever tool for Microsoft o365-based business that accurately tracks their timetoreply Ratio™ and provides detailed analytics and actionable insights into how their revenue teams are using email.

The product is designed to help sales and customer-focused teams leverage their business email data to optimize their response times; thereby increasing their contact rates and dramatically improving close rates, and customer satisfaction.

timetoreply’s SaaS product provides businesses who use Microsoft o365 a cost-effective and easy way to accurately measure the email productivity of their sales teams, especially important now that sales agents are using email as their primary source of communication with leads. This is a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has forced the majority of teams to work from home, where making phone calls are either too costly or disruptive.

The product gives sales and customer success managers and team leaders a dashboard view, as well as daily reports that provide real-time analytics on both individual and team reply times and contact rates; all without interrupting workflow or distracting agents with further training.

timetoreply offers three distinct options for sales, customer service, and remote-working teams. All three tools analyze the email metrics critical to success, and, as the tools are cloud-based there is no need for manual installation or IT intervention – ideally suited to businesses with newly remote workforces.

Once baseline metrics are calculated, managers can set goals, coach and incentivize their teams to improve. The dashboard also allows managers to quickly spot any emails that have not been responded to, allowing teams to close the gaps and never miss leads or customer queries.

According to a report covered by the Harvard Business Review, leads, particularly online leads, have a remarkably short lifespan, which means that your sales team is more likely to succeed if they act during a small window of opportunity. The report suggests that sales teams are 7 times more likely to qualify a lead within the first hour, compared to 2 hours after initial contact, and 60 times more likely compared to 24 hours after contact.

As response times become increasingly crucial to business survival and success, we are seeing a surge in the need for this new product category. Businesses need to be able to understand exactly how well their teams are doing across their most vital business communication channel, but don’t need the cumbersome, and often bloated features that CRMs or employee tracking tools offer.

“We are pleased to be able to help Microsoft o365-based businesses and teams navigate and even thrive in the challenging environment that Covid-19 has created. Integrating and preparing data for analysis, providing products that measure exactly what you need to see and enabling fast implementation at scale usually takes a lot of time and effort to get right and can be very costly. With the introduction of our product, revenue teams can focus on what they do best, while managers can accurately track and optimize their teams’ productivity and workload, wherever they’re located.” – Howard Moodycliffe, CEO of timetoreply.

Whilst there are a handful of business email analytics products in the market, none of them provide the level of analytics and insights to Microsoft o365- based businesses that timetoreply does. timetoreply remains the only analytics tool that works with any email client.