Markerly has integrated the TikTok platform into its influencer marketing software. Clients who subscribe to the software are now able to manage TikTok influencer campaigns from start to finish.

“Clients who activate influencer campaigns primarily for product placement and relevancy as a lifestyle brand are drawn to TikTok. TikTok allows brands to be shown off organically, in an engaging way, without appearing salesy,” says Justin Kline, founder of Markerly.

TikTok is only 1 year old but boasts 500 million monthly active users; most being young adults. Brands that are successful in TikTok create silly videos that embrace the pop culture or are fun to imitate. The San Diego Zoo, Chipotle, and The Washington Post are great examples of successful TikTok use by brands.

“TikTok is not like Vine; we discouraged our clients from using Vine as we saw a decrease in usage month after month. We were actually the first influencer company to report on the mass exodus of Vine users in 2016 using data we’d been collecting.”