Decisiv, Inc., the industry leader in Service Relationship Management (SRM) solutions, and TICO (Terminal Investment Corporation), a pioneer in fleet services, terminal services, and terminal tractor manufacturing, introduced the TICO Edge system. The announcement was made during the Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition.

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TICO Edge, powered by Decisiv SRM, is a cloud-based platform that allows the manufacturer’s dealer network, customers and the TICO Uptime Center to communicate and collaborate, and have real-time visibility, into individual repair events.

“With TICO Edge, service and repair processes are streamlined because all stakeholders are constantly in the loop,” said Mallery Pindar, Manager, Dealer Network-North America at TICO.

When a terminal tractor goes down, the productivity of freight and manufacturing operations suffers. TICO Edge breaks the chain of inefficiencies in an outdated service process and customers benefit from enhanced uptime.

“With the capabilities of Decisiv SRM we can provide the best after-sale support for our products, and raise the bar on uptime,” Pindar added. “Delivering this unique, new level of connected, network-wide service completely sets TICO apart from any other terminal tractor manufacturer.”

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The first service platform with a telematics integration from a terminal tractor manufacturer, TICO Edge will be offered as standard on all new TICO models. The platform uses meter and fault data through the integration of Edge Connected Diagnostics telematics.