TicketSocket and BlueJeans Partner to Offer Virtual Solutions for Ticketed Revenue Generation

TicketSocket and BlueJeans Partner to Offer Virtual Solutions for Ticketed Revenue Generation

Increased demand for monetized virtual events has strengthened TicketSocket’s partnership with BlueJeans as promoters, venue directors, and box offices shift their on-site programming to an online alternative. The native integration between both platforms has supported the event industry as in-person cancellations continue with the COVID-19 pandemic. As entertainment companies, media outlets, and customer engagement-focused events search for a business continuity plan, TicketSocket and BlueJeans offer virtual solutions for ticketed revenue generation during social distancing mandates.

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The integration empowers virtual event organizers with a white label ticketing system that allows them to accept payments with direct deposit into their bank accounts — accelerating cash flow and improving common collection issues found across the market. By leveraging BlueJeans Events, organizers can stream web content to up to 50,000 attendees or integrate directly with Facebook Live to reach millions — offering a seamless experience for any audience. By combining TicketSocket and BlueJeans, administrators multiply the value of both products while keeping events gated for paid ticket holders with a one-time-use access link and code delivered immediately after purchase.

“Event organizers have to rethink how to sell experiences in a digital world but still create a sense of community, our partnership with Bluejeans allows us to help offer a new monetization stream for event organizers and artists and even athletic coaching,” said Mark Miller, CEO of TicketSocket.

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