Thundercomm Launches Smart Visiting Solution to Facilitate the Transformation of Smart Retail


Thundercomm, a world-leading IoT product and solution provider, announced its Smart Visiting Solution, facilitating the intelligent and digital transformation of traditional retail through an end-to-end commercialization model as well as a combination of 5G- and AI-based applications.

Compared with traditional retail, smart retail focuses on the consumer experience. The Smart Visiting Solution is designed to create a smart consumer experience by breaking the traditional store management model. The AI face recognition-based solution allows stores to address issues that cannot be solved by the floor staff on their own, creating an intelligent and digital store management system that provides a full range of solutions for the transformation of traditional stores to smart ones. The solution is an end-to-end solution that includes a front-end camera, an edge computing platform, a back-end management system and a user application. It comes equipped with a variety of features including VIP recognition, customer flow statistics, customer sentiment analysis, equipment management and remote store inspection, helping retailers to deliver personalized and customized services, enhance the efficiency of store management, reduce operating costs and increase single-store revenues. The solution can also seamlessly connect to traditional retail CRM and ERP systems, intelligently guide sales staff and customer service personnel in providing one-to-one customized services to all shoppers, standardize the store’s service management and deliver better services.

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The Smart Visiting Solution has been successfully deployed at many retail locations in Japan and China. Among them, a Japan-based retail store analyzes its customer flow through the solution and then optimizes and adjusts the shift schedule of all floor employees, enabling the store to reduce labor costs by 5% and increase overall revenue by 25%. A store located in Beijing’s central business district uses the solution to identify both members and non-members, as well as their shopping habits in real-time in addition to providing marketing management strategies to the manager, helping the store increase its monthly sales over the long term by an average of 25% and by 10% year-on-year.

In the 5G and AI eras, digitalization and intelligence will become the main drivers of smart sales. In line with the trend, Thundercomm is willing to collaborate with upstream and downstream partners across the industrial chain to achieve the transformation from traditional retail to smart retail.

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