Threekit Announces Engagement Ring Configurator, a Customization Package Designed to Give Jewelers’ a Best-in-Class eCommerce Shopping Experience, Fast

Threekit Announces Engagement Ring Configurator_ a Customization Package

Threekit has announced the launch of its exclusive Engagement Ring Configurator, a real-time ring customization experience for jewelers. With Engagement Ring Configurator, jewelry brands can empower their customers to create a ring to their specifications using Threekit’s Virtual Photographer.

When ring shoppers interact with their personalized piece by changing gemstones, features, metals, and settings, they get more engaged with the product and gain the confidence to buy.

Threekit Configurable Virtual Photographer™️ for Jewelry
The ability to personalize has become a customer expectation, especially in the jewelry industry and particularly when it comes to engagement rings. Customers want to change key features while shopping online, and they want to see those changes reflected instantaneously.

Additionally, high-quality visual fidelity is critical when assessing the quality of gems and metals. Until now, providing for these customization and image quality specifications has been a massive challenge to address.

Threekit enables jewelry brands to create almost limitless ring customizations and see the finished product with peerless clarity, all via Virtual Photographer. They can also select whether to view the ring on a turntable or on a model hand with a selection of different skin tones. With Engagement Ring Configurator, they can implement these solutions within 3 months, starting at only $15k.

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Other jewelry brands have seen incredible results that go beyond simple engagement and conversion solely from implementing Threekit’s Virtual Photographer. For example, jewelry designer Lindsey Scoggins experienced a significant uptick of user time-on-site, which resulted in a 28% increase in web traffic within six weeks of launching this custom experience.

Comments on the News
“We’ve heard from a lot of jewelers, especially since the onset of COVID-19,” said Matt Gorniak, CEO at Threekit. “They were facing major challenges revolving around the ability to sell custom, luxury rings in a virtual setting. We’re proud that the Engagement Ring Configurator gives businesses of any size the ability to provide this kind of experience, and quickly.”

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