Thought Industries and ServiceRocket Partner to Grow Market for Customer Learning Software and Services

Thought Industries and ServiceRocket Partner to Grow Market for Customer Learning Software and Service

Thought Industries, the world’s #1 platform for Customer Learning Management (CLM), and ServiceRocket, a leader in tech-enabled services, today announced a strategic partnership to offer best-of-breed customer learning software and services that organizations of any size and complexity can utilize to dramatically improve customer success, product adoption, and net revenue retention.

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The partnership leverages the customer learning software strengths of Thought Industries with the tech-enabled, white-glove services expertise of ServiceRocket, enabling each company to deliver additional value and grow the overall market for customer learning together. Important details of the partnership include:

  • ServiceRocket will retire its Learndot learning management system (LMS) to focus solely on customer education services and support.
  • Thought Industries will offer new subscription agreements to existing Learndot customers, and ServiceRocket will provide migration services based on comparable use cases, features and integrations.
  • ServiceRocket will grow its customer education services practice based on the Thought Industries platform, providing customer learning implementation, support and content development services, as well as complete outsourcing of customer and partner education programs.
  • Thought Industries will continue to provide its own professional services capabilities for its customers, in addition to growing the market for third-party customer learning services with specialized service providers like ServiceRocket.

“This is an exciting partnership for Thought Industries as we continue our mission to bring the power of customer learning management to organizations around the world,” said Barry Kelly, Thought Industries CEO.

“We have such respect for the team at ServiceRocket, and this partnership just makes sense for the market as demand for customer and professional education is ready to explode. Now we can work together, focused on our core strengths, to serve organizations that are keen to move beyond the world of legacy LMS.”

The Thought Industries and ServiceRocket partnership is particularly significant for software companies, who depend on customer success and revenue growth, including key metrics like net revenue retention.

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Customer learning can play a critical role in that value delivery, and both companies have in-depth experience serving global software vendors. ServiceRocket’s services are already used by many of today’s fastest-growing software companies such as Snowflake, Splunk, Cloudera, and PureStorage. Thought Industries’ software customers include ZoomInfo, National Instruments, Ivanti, InVision, and Medallia.

“As the customer learning market gains momentum, it’s pretty clear that we should focus on our service delivery strengths and partner with Thought Industries to tap into their software platform, based on their clear vision for where the market needs to go,” said Rob Castaneda, Founder and CEO of ServiceRocket.

“We believe Learndot customers will love the Thought Industries platform, and they will continue to enjoy the same levels of service and support they have come to expect from the ServiceRocket team. This isn’t the end of anything. It’s really the beginning of the customer learning revolution.”

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