Third-Party Developer on Creator Economy Platform Koji Launches “Reactoo” App

Third-Party Developer on Creator Economy Platform Koji Announces Reactoo App

Koji, the world’s most powerful Link in Bio platform and the leading app store for social media, today announced the launch of Reactoo, a new app created by a developer within the Koji community that lets fans vote and share videos with their favorite creators.

“Reaction videos have been quite a hit lately, and fans always want their favorite creators to react to random videos on the internet. Reactoo gives these fans a chance to share these fun videos with their favorite creators, and the creators now have an engaging audience that provides a ton of content. It’s a win-win for both sides,” said Abdul Wahab, the app’s creator.

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Creators add the Reactoo app to their Link in Bio or share the deep link directly with their audience on social media. Leveraging the power of the Koji platform, followers open the app right inside social media networks to vote and share videos. Content creators can then make reaction videos for YouTube and TikTok based on the highest-voted videos on their Reactoo feed, increasing engagement with their fans and building a library of additional content that they can use at the same time.

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