As part of its commitment to implement meaningful, measurable diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives, The Richards Group has formally engaged diversity consultant Dr. Lauren Tucker and her team at Do What Matters to help the agency navigate its refounding.

With eyes focused firmly on the future, CEO Glenn Dady is tapping strengths-based insights to drive growth, position the firm to better care for current employees, and attract diverse talent and new business. Along with a newly expanded and diversified creative council and the establishment of a formal leadership council with younger and more diverse advisors, the partnership with Do What Matters is one of many steps in The Richards Group’s plan for the future.

With 30 years of experience in diversity and inclusion management, Tucker has earned a respected reputation across the marketing industry for going beyond the standard programs to provide solution-based, proactive approaches proven to enhance culture, improve operations and help companies get back to the business of growth. Do What Matters’ Rob Jackson will also be joining the mission, bringing over 30 years of experience in the business on both the agency and client sides.

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“I’ve invested over four decades helping build one of America’s great agencies. This is a necessary step in rebuilding our future – for our community, for the clients we serve and, most importantly, for our employees, present and future,” said Dady. “The objectivity, knowledge and experience that Lauren and her team bring are the shot in the arm that’s going to move us forward with precision and purpose.”

Working closely with Dady, Tucker and her team will audit practices, cultural norms and internal perceptions; advise on The Richards Group’s organizational structure; and provide strategic counsel to the 44-year-old independent advertising agency. Her team’s action areas will include culture, agency operations and community interest.

“We are honored and excited to be chosen as a partner to employ our approach to inclusion management to help rebuild the future and the fortunes of The Richards Group,” said Tucker, CEO of Do What Matters. “Intent is not enough. Our goal is to guide the agency past intent by working with the agency’s leaders to design and build actionable inclusion solutions that focus on the nurturing of talent while increasing diversity, achieving equity and driving quality growth via more effective business-building ideas for clients.”

The alliance with Do What Matters will also help drive and build on the agency’s newly articulated DEI goals and commitment to operational changes:

  • Execute a formal commitment to specific representation across all disciplines and leadership
  • Audit current policies to ensure that they are equitable to all employees
  • Conduct inclusion management training
  • Review all current work to ensure cultural relevancy
  • Commit to tracking progress