Bespoke Inc., creators of the world’s first AI-powered chatbot developed specifically for travelers, announced the official launch of “Bebot” for the Mie prefecture in Japan. The launch comes after Bebot was piloted during the October Formula 1 Grand Prix, held at the Suzuka Circuit in the Mie prefecture. Travelers are automatically connected to Bebot when accessing the prefecture’s free Wi-Fi network, without downloading any app. Travelers can also engage with Bebot on the prefecture’s own tourism website.

With Bebot, travelers have access to the most powerful trip navigation tool at all times. Route recommendations and area information are easily accessible through Bebot’s intuitive chat interface, allowing guests to relax and enjoy their trip right from arrival. Bebot accounts for peak-usage times and public transit options in its recommendations to reduce any congestion and manage crowds effectively.

Bebot’s platforms maximize customer engagement to help travelers explore local concessioners and attractions and, thus, drives in-market spend. By guiding Japanese and international travelers to a broader variety of attractions within the prefecture, Bebot also helps to spread tourists across hot spots and, thereby, effectively combats over-tourism. Bespoke provides deep data-insights like user trends and details on revenue opportunities for the city and its local partners while remaining fully privacy compliant.

“Travelers that engage with Bebot can see more, do more, and discover things that they otherwise would have missed out on,” says Bespoke CEO Akemi Tsunagawa. “Bebot outshines traditional digital assistants by acting as your local friend, inspiring you to explore further than the pre-packaged tourist experience and to get the most out of your stay in Japan.”