The Fresh Market Partners with True Impact Media, Leveling Up Their Offline Advertising

The Fresh Market Partners with True Impact Media_ Leveling Up Their Offline Advertising

True Impact Media, an international out-of-home (OOH) media buying platform driven by technology and data, has formed an official partnership with The Fresh Market, a specialty grocery retailer operating in 22 states, to manage all of their OOH media buying and implementation.

While the two companies have been working together for a few years, the official partnership was made formal after a nearly year-long extensive AOR vetting process; with The Fresh Market ultimately giving True Impact Media their Multi-Million Dollar annual out-of-home spend.

The Fresh Market currently has 159 locations, all of which require careful coordination of OOH media across multiple markets with unique marketing campaigns per location. True Impact Media was the ideal partner for The Fresh Market because of their scalable, simple, targeted, and effective approach to the entire OOH process, from initial strategy through installation and post-campaign reports.

“We looked at all of the key players in the space and assessed the more traditional outdoor media agencies as well as other tech platforms for outdoor media. We quickly realized that we would see better impressions and cost efficiency results by using True Impact to find the best media locations and spreading our dollars across multiple operators,” said Kevin Miller, CMO of The Fresh Market. “They give us the market insights we need and the ability to find the billboards that make the most sense for us without any bias.”

In 2016, True Impact Media began working solely on a technology platform that is now considered to be one of the best adtech solutions for OOH media. The goal at that time was to create a place where advertisers can easily find, assess, and buy OOH inventory across multiple markets and media formats.

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Since then, True Impact has taken its technology to the next level, adding features to its platform that include targeting, demographic information, and print production management. Now, their goals have shifted to make OOH more powerful and targeted in order to help the age-old medium become more agile and central to an Advertiser’s marketing budget.

“It should be easy to find and purchase OOH, which is in line with the same processes you see with any other marketing medium you have today,” said Q Beck, True Impact Media President. When speaking of bringing the OOH media buying process into the future, Beck said, “If you can buy an international flight on multiple carriers online in minutes, logistically, you should be able to do the same with a billboard.”

Over the past few years, many external events have impacted the increasing number of Brands to bring full-service marketing in-house. The COVID- 19 Pandemic, high agency/client turnover, as well as new streamlined technologies, have all influenced the in-house movement which has opened the door for adTech platforms, like True Impact.

This cultural marketing shift follows a recent trend of major brands bringing many facets of their advertising in-house, to provide them greater control over their budgets, creative campaigns, reporting, and increased efficiencies in their go-to-market plans.

“We are currently at the forefront of the billboard renaissance and love nothing more than to show and prove to Brands how we are currently digitizing a formerly antiquated marketing space with our platform. We successfully remove the red tape and headaches that normally come with OOH media buying. It’s satisfying to get Brands in front of their target customers in a much more modern-day efficient and cost-effective manner,” says Ryan Bohn, SVP of Sales.

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