The First Social Block Explorer OpenProsper is now on DeSo Blockchain

The First Social Block Explorer OpenProsper is now on DeSo Blockchain-01

DeSo Blockchain announces the launch of OpenProsper, The First Social Block Explorer for their decentralized social blockchain. The OpenProsper dashboard provides a look into the important activity on the DeSo Blockchain, allowing users to analyze relevant blockchain information such as total creator earnings, total wallets on DeSo, and transaction fees per post.

OpenProsper is filling the role as the go-to analytics platform in the decentralized social media ecosystem. Created by Fintech and McKinsey alum Salil Sethi, OpenProsper is a block explorer app built on top of DeSo Blockchain, similar to what Etherscan is to Ethereum.

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Founder Salil Sethi explains, “OpenProsper is primarily for creators on DeSo. It helps creators understand relationships, money-native blockchain experiences, and content strategy to be successful on DeSo. How we work has changed forever and the creator economy is only going to get bigger over time.”

As content creators post on social media platforms, storage needs to increase over time. Thus, OpenProsper provides creators with a data dashboard they can use to optimize their content and messaging.

DeSo is the only blockchain designed to scale decentralized social media apps to 1B+ users with low transaction costs and a growing ecosystem of infinite-state applications (which are apps that need storage to scale with content growth). For example, the transaction fee per post on $DESO is $0.00003 and the cost of storing one Gigabyte of on-chain state is only $80. Compare this to storing one Gigabyte on Ethereum which costs $393,750,000 making the Ethereum chain costly to build and scale decentralized social media apps.

Additionally, DeSo recently pushed their revolutionary upgrade Hypersync live which lowers blockchain syncing time to just 20 minutes.

“I do think there’s an opportunity for Twitter to essentially embrace using a decentralized protocol. And just in the way you’ve probably heard of DeFi which is decentralized finance, there’s another one called DeSo, Decentralized Social Media which is another emerging area.” Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase explained at the Milken Institute crypto pioneers event.

With Elon Musk finalizing his Twitter acquisition many are expecting a stark rise of decentralized social media apps.

The next big app set to launch on DeSo is DAODAO, which makes launching a DAO and fundraising as easy as creating a social media account.

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