Grovara has closed the loop on its proprietary technology platform, ushering in the first-of-its-kind B2B e-commerce international marketplace for American wellness manufacturers. The Philadelphia-based technology company takes the most promising wellness brands global  — like GT’s Kombucha and Wholesome Sweeteners — connecting them to 5,000 vetted global buyers in 45 countries.

The result is the only B2B e-commerce marketplace of its kind — a curated catalog of organic, natural and better-for-you snacks, beverages and nutraceuticals — and a new way of doing global trade in the wellness space.

“To say that Grovara is disrupting international exporting of wellness products doesn’t do it justice,” said David Pottruck, a Grovara advisor/investor and renowned business mind who along with Charles Schwab ushered in the era of online trading. He is also a best-selling business author, including this year’s “Driving Disruption: An Operator’s Manual.”

“Grovara’s comprehensive approach is buoyed by powerful data and proprietary technology that eliminates most of exporting’s headaches.”

The global wellness market is exploding, growing 12.1% to over $4.1 trillion in 2018 according to the Global Wellness Institute, with Healthy Eating, Nutrition and Weight Loss accounting for more than $700 billion, and growing. American-made natural food and beverage products are the most in-demand, with $47.2 billion in sales expected this year, with growth outpacing all food and beverage products sold in the U.S. by nearly 300%, according to the most recent State of the Natural Industry report by Grovara partner SPINS, the leading provider of wellness industry insights in North America.

While B2C e-commerce has been broadly adopted, B2B global online sales have outpaced B2C by nearly 400%. The next generation of international buyers has come to expect the innovation and security that has come with B2C e-commerce, where exporting has long been dominated by the same old players and rife with fraud and risk.