TechTarget Launches Prospect-Level Intent™ to Dramatically Accelerate Technology Marketing and Sales Engagements

TechTarget Launches Prospect-Level Intent™ to Dramatically Accelerate Technology Marketing and Sales Engagements

Major upgrade to Priority Engine platform delivers enhanced individual insights for more relevant, more personalized outreach

TechTarget, Inc., the global leader in B2B technology purchase intent data and services today announced the release of major new updates to its IT Deal Alert Priority EngineTM platform that significantly increase sales and marketing teams’ abilities to achieve success.

This new release focuses on Prospect-Level IntentTM data, unique in the industry, that enhances understanding of individual prospects based on their research, engagement and buying team associations. These enhancements allow for hyper-personalized orchestration and outreach for Field and Inside Sales teams, and, for Demand and ABM teams, far more powerful targeting and messaging capabilities. New insight on opted-in individuals allows these teams to more quickly and effectively engage key in-market buyers. Significant upgrades to user interface and CRM integration increase efficiency for all user profiles and use cases.

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“Many in the intent market have been wrongly focused only on accounts, when it is the people and teams at those accounts who actually buy,” said Andrew Briney, Senior Vice President of Products, TechTarget. “While TechTarget has always provided named, active prospects within accounts, these new enhancements empower revenue organizations with unmatched visibility into opted-in buyers in active buyers’ journeys to accelerate engagements.”

Over the past several months, TechTarget conducted betas with many customers who have already begun leveraging the new layout and its prospect-level insights. They are reporting very positive early results of increases in sales and marketing productivity and yields:

“Priority Engine helps our sales team be more efficient with their time,” said Paul Penn, Regional Sales Director, ServiceNow. “My sales reps use the account and prospect-level insights on a daily basis. Priority Engine shows them where to fish and what prospects are biting on so they know who to contact and exactly what to say to generate a response.”

“Continuously improving the efficiency and productivity of our marketing and sales efforts is a top priority at SolarWinds,” said Morag Keirns, Director of Customer Marketing, SolarWinds. “With Priority Engine prospect insights we’re able to align our solutions to what each prospect is researching. As a result, we achieve better response rates with less effort.”

TechTarget’s Priority Engine is a leading SaaS-based platform that gives technology sales and marketing professionals direct access to the most active accounts and prospects researching technologies in their market. Key platform updates include:

  • Redesigned user interface – Provides faster access to buying team contacts within context of their buyer journey, making it easier for sellers and marketers to act on Prospect-Level intent.
  • Deeper Prospect Insights – Visibility into whether a prospect is active in your market category, downloaded your or your competitor’s content and whether they are net-new to you.
  • Customized View of Top Prospects from Accounts Matching Your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) – Maximizes efficiency by scoring and ranking prospects within specific accounts or across all accounts within an ICP based on their recent research activity across the TechTarget network as well as engagement with you.
  • User-Defined Prospect Entry Points – To better personalize emails, nurture streams, and sales scripts with details about a prospect’s recent technology and vendor interests mapped to the particular company’s strengths. Entry Point topics are user-defined within the platform and fully customized based on your go-to-market strategy and historical sales wins.

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Upgraded Salesforce integration makes it easier for sales to find and engage the best prospects directly within existing workflows

Priority Engine’s Salesforce “Connected App” gets key Prospect-Level Intent into the hands of sales with expanded capabilities to:

  • Add high-priority prospects to Salesforce with a single click – Fill sales cadences and call lists with the prospects that matter most.
  • View Priority Engine’s prospect- and account-level insights directly in Salesforce – All without having to leave the application.
  • Augment existing Salesforce records with behavioral intelligence – Append entry points and behaviors to contacts in Salesforce to build intent-driven, prioritized contact and lead lists.