TechSee, the category leader in Intelligent Visual Assistance, and Comdata Inc., a world leader in payment innovation, have uncovered new data demonstrating huge operational enhancements to Comdata’s service delivery for point of sale (POS) systems.

Comdata is responsible for POS systems distributed across the US – many located at truck stops – and offers round-the-clock support services to its merchants to streamline transactions, aid regulatory compliance and reduce fraud. Given Comdata’s complex hardware and software, and the varying degrees of technical aptitude among site managers and cashiers, remotely troubleshooting system issues were traditionally lacking inefficiency.

To deliver faster, more consistent service, Comdata turned to TechSee’s Visual Assistance solution. The technology enables a merchant to initiate a live video stream with a simple screen tap and use their smartphone camera to show an agent exactly what they see. This enables the agent to isolate the issue more quickly and accurately and use Augmented Reality tools to provide precise step-by-step on-screen guidance.

“When a point of sale device at a truck stop goes down, customers want that system back online quickly, and they don’t want to keep truckers waiting,” said Pat O’Donnell, EVP/General Manager Merchant Teams at Comdata. “We immediately saw that Visual Assistance would give us the ability to isolate issues faster and more accurately.”

The deployment of TechSee’s Visual Assistance solution took less than 1 month. Service associates rapidly embraced the easy-to-use technology, which has become a powerful tool that allows them to achieve tangible results.