Talkwalker’s Paid Social allows marketers to break silos across paid, owned and earned channels for holistic campaign monitoring

Talkwalker's Paid Social

Today Talkwalker, the leading social listening and analytics company, unveils the latest addition to its conversational intelligence suite: Paid Social. By adding social ad data directly into their campaign dashboards, marketers will have a holistic view of their owned, earned and paid channels as well as full control of their campaign performance and ROI.

There has never been so much competition amongst brands for online attention. In order to succeed, it is essential that marketers prioritize their digital marketing strategies, especially on social media. With an average 20% of digital marketing budget going into social ads, paid must be fully integrated to a brand’s campaign planning, monitoring and measurement.

“Here at Talkwalker, our goal is to democratize access to data,” said Todd Grossman, Talkwalker CEO Americas. “Paid social data is an integral part of the best digital campaigns, and brand professionals should have access to that information to protect their brand and optimize their performance.”

By unifying campaign data across paid, owned and earned channels into real-time dashboards and reports, digital professionals will have a better grasp of their impact, and be able to optimize their 360-degree campaigns through extended insights and reporting.

Whether it is by building integrated dashboards for your entire campaign tracking, saving hours in pointless data chasing for your reporting or identifying disparaging comments on social ads through an alert system, Talkwalker’s Paid Social will change the way you access paid social data in every aspect of your job.

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“Talkwalker is one of the strongest platforms on the market when it comes to analytics,” said Pierre Detry, Chief Product Officer at Talkwalker. “By bringing together paid, owned and earned data, marketers will be able to have a holistic view of their digital campaigns, run deeper analysis, and maximize the ROI of their social media activities.”