Talkwalker Realeases Its Brand Love Benchmarking Solution for Marketers

Talkwalker Realeases Its Brand Love Benchmarking Solution for Marketers-01

Talkwalker, the leading consumer intelligence company, today announced the immediate availability of its Brand Love Benchmarking solution. Powered by Talkwalker’s advanced AI capabilities, the solution provides real-time quantifiable metrics across social, blogs and forums to deliver a “Brand Love Score” based on three core consumer drivers: passion, trust, and customer satisfaction. The solution, developed as the intelligence driver behind Talkwalker’s annual Brand Love Report, is now available for brands to conduct their own brand love benchmarking to gain a deeper understanding of consumer attitudes toward their brand and their competitors, including industry averages.

Brand Love Benchmarking delivers “always-on” tangible metrics that provide deep insights into consumers’ positive or negative sentiment toward a brand and reveals how well a brand is connected or disconnected to its target audience. In addition, unlike surveys or NPS assessments that provide static consumer feedback that can quickly become outdated, the solution quantifies how close or far a brand is to achieving brand love.

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“Many brands’ voice-of-the-customer programs don’t go beyond executing static surveys to listen to their customers,” said David Low, VP Marketing Americas. “Talkwalker’s Brand Love Benchmarking arms brand marketers and their teams with the agility to gain immediate and continuous insights into consumer perceptions. This is especially important today when unforeseen circumstances can impact consumer sentiment in an instant, either positively or negatively. Now this power is in the hands of brands to conduct their own brand love benchmarking research and to develop action plans to strengthen customer relationships.”

Available immediately, key features and capabilities of Talkwalker’s Brand Love Benchmarking solution include:

  • A ready-to-use dashboard that enables marketers to instantly identify their brand’s love scores and gain real-time access to brand tracking across local and global markets.
  • Easily measure how a company’s brand ranks in its industry and vs. top competitors.
  • Produce visually appealing brand health reports that can be easily shared and understood by the C-suite and stakeholders across the organization.
  • Develop an action plan to move up through the rankings by improving Passion, Trust and Customer Satisfaction scores.
  • Streamline and enhance marketing performance and ROI based on benchmarking insights that reveal impactful marketing initiatives versus ineffective campaigns.

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