Tact.ai Receives Investment from Honeywell


Tact.ai, the human-friendly CRM company, announced it has received an investment from Honeywell.

Honeywell made the investment through Honeywell Ventures, which focuses on high-growth companies from around the world that have emerging or disruptive technologies and are strategically aligned to the company’s portfolio and digital transformation objectives. This marks the fifth time a global Fortune 500 organization has invested in Tact.ai, joining Amazon Alexa Fund, Comcast Ventures, M12 Ventures, and Salesforce Ventures. Venture firm investors include Accel Partners, Redpoint Ventures and Upfront Ventures.

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“We’re honored to be joined by Honeywell, who shares our vision of partnering with the customer to help build the future of work in half the time,” said Chuck Ganapathi, CEO of Tact.ai. “Each day we’re thankful to have some of the largest organizations in the world as supporters and investors. Tact.ai couldn’t be prouder to help our customers’ employees plan better, move better and better connect with their customers.”

Tact.ai, offers customers an AI platform for sales that unifies data from various systems as a single pane of glass and pushes intelligence in the form of notifications to sellers in the field.

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“We believe that in order for sales teams to better prepare and serve customers for the future, they need to become more productive, data-driven and connected with their customers,” said Kamal Vasagiri, director, Honeywell Ventures. “Tact.ai shares our view that AI should help employees become a better version of themselves, optimizing how they can help their customers.”

In addition to the financial investment, Honeywell is deploying the Tact.ai assistant to its sales teams. Since starting with 300 early adopters, the initiative is now an approved standard sales tool and is being extended to thousands of global sellers across Honeywell’s global businesses.

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The digital assistant is helping Honeywell sales teams optimize their use of customer-related data trapped in emails, calendars, service-tickets, customer relationship management (CRM) and other systems.

With the Tact.ai Assistant, companies can use AI to improve sales productivity and significantly speed up their workflow by automatically capturing critical data regarding contacts, customer meetings and next steps in the sales pipeline and alerting the seller to act on the top priority actions through their mobile device.