T-ROC And Conversity Team Up To Help Retailers And Brands Meet Consumer Demand For Contactless In-Store Support And Shopping From Home

T-ROC And Conversity Team Up To Help Retailers

Paired E-commerce Solution Provides Valuable Customer Insights Combined with Complete 360 Sales and Support Experience, In-Store or At Home

The Revenue Optimization Companies (T-ROC) along with Intelligent Guided Selling (IGS) platform creator, Conversity, is shaking up the way customers shop in-store and from home by combining innovative technologies for a unique experiential and engaging sales process. This partnership is future-thinking and combines Conversity’s ability to design dynamic customer journeys with T-ROC’s first of its kind touchless customer engagement, sales and support solution, VIBA (Virtual Interactive Brand Ambassador).

Conversity, which has already deployed its proprietary Software-as-a-Service offering for the world’s largest retailer via T-ROC, now brings its IGS platform to T-ROC’s clients and other brands looking to innovate, drive bottom-lines, and shake up the customer experience. Working together, the two retail solutions help consumer brands and retailers drive their in-store and online virtual sales and support experience for customers. Conversity’s software enables consumers to answer dynamic questions about their motivations, needs and goals to be shown a series of recommendations, including potential upsell offers. It’s a sales enablement tool that sets retailers up for success while dramatically increasing conversions, session duration, and average transaction values.

At any time, a customer who is experiencing the dynamic guided selling journey via Conversity and still needs more guidance or is unsure about the product or service to purchase, they are shown recommended items and the opportunity to transition to VIBA. VIBA instantly connects customers with a virtual bot and/or a live sales agent. It combines artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) bots along with real-time access to a live person who can answer questions, offer advice, display relevant content such as high-definition videos or images, provide coupons, comparison documents and even point customers to the products they need for sale in a live or dark store, or on the retailer’s website.

“We believe that helping brands and retailers support their customers both online and in-store is key. Our partnership with T-ROC helps retail companies become exceptional at e-commerce and in-store virtual support, fueling greater conversion rates and increasing average transaction values,” said Brad Christian, Global Chief Customer Officer of Conversity. “The unique VIBA solution is compelling and is a great example of next level tech – it’s the perfect complement to our Intelligent Guided Selling platform. The two coexist and complement each other flawlessly for a truly differentiating virtual sales or customer support experience.”

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A recent TWICE Picks Award winner at CES 2021, VIBA can effortlessly handle multiple products at a large number of stores at one time. Through our proprietary smart-routing technology, if there is an overflow of customers during peak hours, it will direct the shopper to another available brand ambassador (and/or virtual bot) so there is always an expert readily available to provide immediate assistance on demand. Customers can also be engaged in their own language of preference. View this short video to see the VIBA experience: https://vimeo.com/534630382

“The Conversity solution draws out a customer’s mindset, needs and preferences which delivers our retail clients even more of the real-time insights they need to create a more personalized experience, which will generate both sales and profits,” said Brett Beveridge, CEO and founder of T-ROC. “Paired with VIBA to help close the gap and finalize the customer’s shopping decision, we are definitively replicating the high-touch in-store experience in an online environment.”

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