Synchronoss Technologies, Inc., a global leader, and innovator of cloud messaging, digital and IoT products, and WeAre8, a platform that provides the infrastructure for brands and individuals to build relationships at scale, announced a new partnership that is poised to radically disrupt traditional brand advertising. Together, they are creating a revolutionary channel for brands to create and deliver personalized mobile marketing campaigns that drive results and consumer interaction through the direct sponsorship of consumers. The collaboration will provide a highly scalable pathway to deliver massive benefits to brands consumers, and operators.

WeAre8, which provides a transparent program for consumer voices to be heard and a simple way to make money and have a positive social impact every day, will leverage Synchronoss’ Rich Communications Services (RCS)-based advanced messaging platform to give brands this channel to develop direct relationships with individual consumers through their mobile devices. Through personalized, immersive RCS-enabled messaging, consumers will have the opportunity to get sponsored directly by brands and leverage their voices in a way that enables them to be compensated for consuming, sharing or creating high-quality branded content.

“What we’re doing here with WeAre8 is radical disrupting how the advertising and marketing industry interacts with consumers,” said Mary Clark, Chief Marketing Officer, and Chief Product Officer, Synchronoss. “Brands today understand that consumers are increasingly tuning out traditional, interruptive advertising and that mobile digital interactions have become the preferred form of interaction and communication for the vast majority. The channel we’re building on a foundation of RCS-enabled messaging will provide a completely new way that brands require to directly reach those who matter the most – their customers.”

Clark added that this new consumer channel also delivers benefits to mobile network operators who are eager to capitalize on advanced messaging.