Synamedia brings the benefits of cloud to its entire video network portfolio with new VN Cloud managed service

Synamedia VN Cloud

Synamedia, the world’s largest independent video software provider, today launched Synamedia VN Cloud, a managed service for its entire video network portfolio. Drawing on Synamedia’s vast experience, VN Cloud brings together the broadcast quality of service with the latest cloud technologies to provide the flexibility and scale broadcasters and video service providers expect today. VN Cloud is the industry’s first solution to offer end-to-end video network functionality on any public, private or hybrid cloud, and breaks new ground by delivering the high availability customers demand on a single platform for both broadcast and OTT.

VN Cloud gives operations teams the insight, agility, and flexibility to effortlessly deploy and manage multiple workflows and deliver outstanding quality of experience on any device, anywhere, with seamless failover, while controlling costs.

It lowers the barriers to launching new services by allowing service providers, content owners, and broadcasters to quickly test new services anywhere in the world, with support for lab-in-the-cloud, pop-up, and disaster recovery events. With the VN Cloud Portal, Synamedia brings full automation to the launch, scale up and scale down of channels with elastic resourcing. Customers can launch new channels in minutes instead of months, accelerating the time to revenues, while enjoying a whole new level of cost control with self-provisioning through the VN Cloud Workflow Portal.

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Customers can deploy an OTT service in the cloud using a pay-as-you-use cloud model then, once established, move it on-premise. The Workflow Portal’s dashboards provide transparency about costs for hybrid, on-premise and public cloud, allowing users to easily move workloads to balance OPEX and CAPEX, as well as controlling the cost of the public cloud to support disaster recovery.

Dashboards provide visual representations of each end-to-end media processing workflow, flagging up any problems and changing channel line-ups easily in near real-time using drag and drop. Further improving availability, VN Cloud is the industry’s first solution to adopt a single channel fault domain approach, ensuring any issues are isolated to the impacted channel.

“Our managed service proposition allows service providers, content owners, and broadcasters to reinvent themselves by delivering broadcast-quality services with the cost control and flexibility of the cloud. As we designed VN Cloud, we focused on providing total control of complex, hybrid workflows from scene to screen while managing costs and with the insurance policy of cloud-based disaster recovery,” said Julien Signès, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Video Network at Synamedia.

VN Cloud combines all the elements of a video network workflow in a cloud-native format using microservices. Its containerized video processing stack means that each function, such as encoding, is fully isolated and managed on a per-channel basis. Workflow support includes: the PowerVu portfolio for secure content distribution, low latency ABR, broadcast, Connect inter-cloud connection, and ATSC 3.0.

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Synamedia maintains and monitors the entire VN cloud stack. Full disaster recovery is available on the public cloud while media processing is supported on-premise. Synamedia achieves five 9s availability by supporting live streaming video workflows across multiple data centers.

Synamedia’s video network portfolio powers premium quality broadcast and broadband video for more than 1,000 operators worldwide and 100 million daily viewers. Its video distribution, processing and delivery services and solutions create compelling live multi-screen experiences, enable software-defined video processing and unify operations. The award-winning portfolio also touts a cloud-ready, converged broadcast and broadband end-to-end ATSC 3.0 offering and low latency solutions for live video. Its virtualized DCM features live transcoding to multiple bit rates and formats, scalable video functions and best-in-class video quality all aimed to deliver infinite entertainment.