Sylo Empowers Influencer Marketing Industry to Fraud-Free Inventory

Sylo, Marketing, Fraud-Free

Sylo, Inc. the standard for cross-platform independent certification and third-party verification announced the launch of Sylo Certified. Unbiased and independent, Sylo Certified sets the standard for truth and transparency in the influencer marketing industry. Trusted by marquee Fortune 500 companies, agencies, and influencer platforms, Sylo verifies audience authenticity, health, and performance through independent and ongoing monitoring and assessment of a creator’s platform interactions, demographics, and growth. Only influencers that have consistent, healthy and active audiences are Sylo Certified.

Invalid traffic, fraudulent engagement, and brand safety have become a global, billion-dollar problem. Advertisers demand sophisticated, third-party detection and filtration technology to secure fraud-free, brand-safe inventory, and ensure that hard-working creators stand out from the bad actors.

Sylo Certification was born from the need to eliminate malpractice and cultivate trust and transparency in an industry facing $1.3B in lost revenue due to fraud. “The influencer marketing industry will not grow and innovate without trust. Now, creators have an indicator of audience authenticity and performance validity to share with their brand and agency partners explains Co-founder Brett Garfinkel. “Sylo Certified arms brands with confidence that their partners are credible, while creators get the compensation they deserve.”

GroupM and Sylo have been collaborating on third-party verification and standards in the influencer ecosystem. Kieley Taylor, Managing Partner, Global Head of Social Media explains why they chose to be a market leader in using third-party verification for influencer marketing: “New best practices in influencer marketing include an approach where independent industry certification and third-party verification, which is not connected to media distribution, serves as an agnostic validator of influencer’s quality.” Rob Bernstein, EVP, Managing Director at Reprise Digital, stated, Adding third-party verification to our influencer practice is a key part of our broader effort to ensure that our client media investments run on fraud-free, brand-safe influencer inventory.”

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