StrategyBox, After Closing $2M in Financing, is Hiring for Multiple Roles and Announcing New Employee Benefits in Response to Global Pandemic

StrategyBox_ After Closing _2M in Financing_ is Hiring for Multiple Roles and Announcing New Employee Benefits in Response to Global Pandemic

StrategyBox, the Vancouver-based marketing intelligence company that last week announced a $2M seed round led by London’s Fuel Ventures, is hiring for multiple roles and launching new employee benefits to help counter the impact of the global pandemic for its employees.

StrategyBox makes customer journey mapping simple using AI. Companies in SaaS, retail, finance and media use StrategyBox to understand which marketing activities drive sales and what to do next to drive up results.

The company is hiring for Front End Engineering, Customer Success, and Demand Generation and has introduced new employee benefits: unlimited vacation, a work from home stipend and profit-sharing.

Abdul Shehata, Manager Of Technical Operations at StrategyBox: “One thing I love about working for StrategyBox is the sense of security and care that is cultivated through the programs it offers its employees. The focus on facilitating a healthy and comfortable lifestyle and workspace makes it easy for me to do my best work!”

StrategyBox CEO, Aaron Vidas: “We’re not just making customer journey mapping simple using AI. We’re focused on creating career-defining experiences for our teams and the ‘field of play’ for top performers to do their best work. Especially in this environment, that means taking care of our team by providing them the best tools, a comfortable workspace, a culture that encourages healthy habits, a competitive salary and a share of the profits.”

Continues Vidas, “StrategyBox is an equal opportunity employer. When we say we provide a ‘field of play’ for top performers to do their best work, we mean all top performers. Companies with diversity, both ethnically and in terms of gender are stronger, more impactful in their communities and more profitable than their counterparts.”

“If you’re excited about joining a business built on trust and accountability, that respects your time and energy, where you will earn a competitive salary as well as profit sharing and unlimited vacation –  take a look at the careers section on our website.”

StrategyBox is a marketing analytics platform with offices in Vancouver, Canada, and London, England. Their customer journey mapping platform makes it simple for retail, financial services and technology companies to understand how marketing activities drive sales.