Store Space Buys Groceries To Give Back To Local Residents

Store Space Buys Groceries To Give Back To Local Residents-01

With a simple act of kindness, Store Space put smiles on the faces of shoppers. Store Space partnered with the Give Back Guys, as the popular YouTubers purchased groceries for multiple unsuspecting shoppers at a local market.

“Watching the video (FULL VIDEO], getting to see people in shock and gratitude, knowing we made their day a little brighter is priceless,” said Michelle Wight-Sands, Vice President of Corporate Development with Store Space.

Customers were stunned as Brandon Hartt, co-founder of the Give Back Guys, offered to pay for people in the checkout lines. One woman gratefully told Brandon, “You made my day, you made my month!” after he offered to pay for her groceries. Smiles, thanks, and even tears of joy were shared throughout the day.

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“It’s rare to find a company passionate about giving back, and we found that every step of the way with Store Space,” Hartt exclaimed. “Seeing what they have already done for so many communities excited us for the opportunity to partner together on a giveback to help individuals during these trying times.”

Hartt and the rest of the Give Back Guys spent an entire day surprising people by purchasing their groceries as they waited in line.

“It was all due to the generosity of Store Space and their team. It was a beautiful day filled with smiles and gratitude,” Hartt added. “We cannot thank them enough for their generosity and continued support of the community.”

Store Space sponsors several national charities throughout the year, including Toys for Tots and the Wounded Warrior Project, as well as local community events.

“Our CARE culture philosophy is what drives and motivates us at Store Space. We are dedicated to giving and supporting our customers and our communities,” Wight-Sands added. “We are constantly looking for impactful ways to assist local neighborhoods and look forward to planning more ‘Give Back’ events in the future.”

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