StealthTest and Blocksee CRM Come Together to Improve Safety & Privacy in Web3 Marketing

StealthTest and Blocksee CRM Come Together to Improve Safety & Privacy in Web3 Marketing

Blocksee, the first web3 customer relationship management (CRM) platform, and StealthTest, web3’s only secure, cloud-based private environments that enable teams to create their own blockchain test networks, have partnered to release an integration to better safeguard customer privacy and security for brands, creators, and artists.

The integration will equip web3 builders and project owners with the following technical capabilities:

  • In the Blocksee dashboard, users can mint NFTs, grant access or assign tickets to any of StealthTest’s private test networks, avoiding the need to expose sensitive IP to public testnets before deployment;

  • Builders can test their airdrops for contract errors and security vulnerabilities without paying gas fees;

  • Teams avoid costly mistakes by being able to collaborate globally with stakeholders, including development agencies and brands, prior to launching marketing initiatives.

This move is a response to the growing demand for enterprise-grade experiences, data analytics, and quality assurance in web3 today.

“It’s about strengthening the integrity of digital interactions,” explains Eric Forst, Co-founder & CEO of Blocksee. “Blockchain is currently the best solution that exists today for human beings to maintain ownership and proper consent protocols for how their data gets used.”

“Despite the lack of regulatory clarity for web3 in the U.S. today, iconic global brands like Starbucks, Nike, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and others continue to test and implement experimental web3 strategies by building customer rewards and loyalty programs, and finding new ways to listen to and engage with their most active and dedicated consumers,” says Collin Woodward, President of StealthTest by nameless.

Blocksee and StealthTest recognize the importance of problem-solving and committing to thoughtful R&D that supports web3’s potential to protect data ownership and privacy rights and champion a user-owned internet. That means developing tools to prioritize security and tactical solutions to prevent threats from bad actors.

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As a web3 CRM, Blocksee is dedicated to giving users control of their data and their content. Because blockchain data is public, anyone in the world can look up a smart contract and all the wallets that interact with it. Blocksee provides creators and marketers with all of this public, on-chain data in a way that is completely compliant with GDPR and CCPA data privacy laws. Users choose whether or not they want to opt-in with a name or email address that gets added to a wallet address in a Blocksee user profile.

With StealthTest integrated into the Blocksee platform, users can test a mint or airdrops to tens of thousands of wallets to make sure everything is secure and working as intended before a drop or mint goes live.

“Security and human privacy are cornerstones of what web3 has the potential to enable on a global scale,” adds Woodward. “But it’s not just going to happen, and we can’t expect it to be built from the top down. The world’s technical architects need to build what we want to see in the world with integrations at their core.”

“It’s important to maintain perspective. Web3 is still in its early stages,” says Forst. “What we’ve built so far is part of what will inevitably be a series of many steps forward.”

At StealthTest, we are dedicated to expanding our range of supported blockchains. In addition to our current offerings, we are actively working on integrating more EVM-compatible blockchains.

We are also thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of pre-configured environments and customized network configurations. These new features will empower users by providing them with greater control over the functionality and behavior of their blockchain instances. Our aim is to enhance flexibility and customization options, ensuring a seamless and tailored experience.

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