Starlite Media Makes Three Key Appointments

Starlite Media Makes Three Key Appointments

Starlite Media, the leader in large format and full-motion digital advertising and associated static displays, strategically located at groceries, pharmacies and other essential locations, is proud to announce the appointment of Randall Beard as Chairman of the Board of Directors, Christopher Whalen as Vice President, National Sales and Darrel Letcher as Chief Procurement Officer.

Chairman of the Board

Starlite Board Member, Jeff Gurren, said: “We are honored that Randall has accepted the position of Chairman of our Board of Directors. He brings a deep background in media, data measurement and e-commerce. With more than 25 years of award-winning executive experiences in growing and scaling businesses, Randall also brings the highest level of expertise in consumer-packaged goods and financial services (including P&G and American Express). Randall is a hands-on Chairman in the truest sense, working closely with management in directing the course of Starlite’s digital conversion and expansion. Such a Chairman is a rare and valuable find.”

Randall stated, “Starlite is in the enviable position of being the first mover in the area of the highest quality digital displays at the points of ‘real at-store commerce’, especially during these difficult pandemic times that make these locations essential. I agreed to take on the role of Chairman because I believe Starlite has the best digital out-of-home offering in the market. It is critical to me that Starlite maintains and continues to advance our industry-leading state-of-the-art technology platform, which offers the highest aesthetics and data collection technologies. Starlite’s investments required greater capital than others (by as much as 10 fold), but the result is a best-in-market platform that provides advertisers, retail partners and communities they serve real and proven value supported by actual and verified third-party data.” Randall went on to say: “Starlite’s growing network of digital signs via partnerships with essential retailers and shopping center owners, who have them as anchor tenants, puts Starlite in a unique position to advance the value of the data that these locations can provide.”

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Vice President — National Sales

Chris Whalen, formerly with JC Decaux, has assumed the position of Vice President — National Sales. Jack Sullivan, a Starlite Board Member who recruited Chris, said: “I am hard-pressed to think of a more perfect fit than Chris and Starlite. Chris is one of the very best in the country, and what he brings to Starlite will ensure that Starlite’s one-of-a-kind platform gets the attention of advertisers and advances their brands and services. Advertisers will find that Chris puts them first and has every intention of advancing the sale of their products and services. In my position as a board member, I look forward to working with Chris to develop and grow Starlite into a recognized ‘first-in-class’ DOOH and OOH platform.” Chris added background to his decision to join Starlite: “I was being recruited by a well-known DOOH company when I came across Starlite. The other company gets a lot of press, as it should, but after studying Starlite and understanding its business and plans, I became confident that I could help unleash Starlite’s potential, and do so in the very near future. Also critical for me is that my advertising clients get real value. There is no doubt in my mind that they will get more from Starlite than any other ad network out there.”

Chief Procurement Officer

Darrel Letcher, formerly with Wells Fargo and Ingram Micro, takes on the newly created position of Chief Procurement Officer. “Given Starlite’s rapid digital transformation and commitment to deploying only the best technology in the market, I can’t think of a more perfect person for the position,” stated Jeff Martin, Starlite’s Chief Operating Officer. Jeff went on to say: ” With Darrel’s background in banking and technology, he is the perfect person to direct our very large investment in cutting-edge technology and future advancements. Darrel will also help lead the Company’s future equity and debt financings, a key role given the significant capital commitments Starlite has made and will be making.” Darrel added by stating: “The technology platform created by Dave Kelshaw, Starlite’s Chief Digital Officer is the best I’ve ever seen in an evolving market. I look forward to working closely with David and his technology partners to keep Starlite significantly ahead of the curve.”

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For all involved with Starlite, Jeff Martin concluded: “We cannot be more pleased with the quality of the people who have joined Starlite Media and those who continue to be with us. We are proud that our digital platform recognizes first responders and publishes critical health and local community information. Most importantly, our displays have highlighted grocery store and other front-line workers! They are literally risking their lives every day to help the rest of us get through this pandemic. With over 30 years of experience with one of the largest grocery store chains in the country, I know how hard these store associates work. They must be recognized and appreciated.”

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